Will the stain remain?

“The nicest thing about pleasant moments is the memory”

Godfried Bomans-writer
Oh no! A red wine stain!

Removing red wine stains

A blog reader asked me a question about removing wine stains. Tervino wine blog is more about explaining the winemaking process and expanding wine knowledge to be able to enjoy delicious wines more, but I can vividly imagine that this is a problem if it happens to you. I still see myself knocking over a wineglass during a Christmas dinner while gesticulating. Bye, bye white tablecloth, bye beautiful Christmas dress, bye white wall.

It is of course always a problem with red wine. White wine doesn’t give stains, do they?
Here’s what to do:

Good and solid tips:

Step 1 is: don’t panic. The harm has already been done anyway, so you’d better solve it calmly.
Step 2 is: Do not rub !!!! Often you are shocked and tend to tackle the stain immediately. But by doing that that you’ll rub the red pigment into the fabric. You’d better dilute the spot with sparkling water. Fortunately that is often present at a party. When handling a tablecloth don’t forget to put a towel or dishcloth underneath it to protect your table.
Step 3: Gently pat the moisture away. A kitchen roll does wonders here.
Step 4: Sprinkle the stain abundantly with salt or cornflour. You can see that the red color is sucked away.
Step 5: Treat the stain with green soap (do not rub) and put it in the washing machine. Do this as soon as possible. Do not let the stain dry.

In most cases, the stain will only be a memory.
I must say that I prefer to leave the wine in the glass and enjoy it. But hey, accidents sometimes happen.
And I know that an accident always occurs when you least expect it.
Good luck.

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