What to choose? Wine or a cocktail in the Caribbean.

Every choice you make has an end result. “

Zig Ziglar- American author
A cocktail or wine?

Oxidated wine on terraces

Just back from a holidaytrip to Curaçao and Bonaire. A wonderful journey but a trip with varying wine experiences. I received many an oxidated wine on terraces. The warm weather and also the bad storage conditions are no doubt to blame.
I did indeed visit a storage where wine was stored with even higher temperatures than outside. If I am already shocked by the heat, what could be the result for the wines? Wine can tolerate a lot, but certainly white wine has its limits. I can’t prove it, but I think we can assume that this applies to the entire Caribic area.

Wine storage in a hot climate

I witnessed the same thing in Mauritius a few years ago. Wines were stored under the same extreme conditions and a stock of hundreds of bottles of a good brand of Champagne had to be washed away before my eyes due to oxidation by excessively high temperatures. They did not seem to care at the largest importer of the island and simply accept this as a fact. Looking at it with Western eyes you would say that with a small adjustment and investment in cooling one could save a lot of money. Certainly with expensive wines. I have given suggestions, but I don’t believe anything has been done with this.

Ordering a wine sometimes a gamble

Back to the beginning. It is a fact that it is always hot in the Caribbean, around 30 degrees Celsius. If cold storage has not been taken care of, either by the supplier or by the seller himself, then ordering a glass of wine in these areas is a bit of a gamble. Certainly when ordering a white wine or a rosé. And these are the ones one would order at these temperatures.

Now I understand why so many cocktails are being ordered on the Caribbean terraces. They appear in all forms and tastes. And these drinks are absolutely good. Fresh, fruity, cool. But I know, it’s not wine!

The choice is yours if you also travel to this area and order a drink. Keep in mind that you will often be disappointed when ordering a glass of wine in these countries. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Have a nice trip and cheers.

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