Walking and tasting wine

“Everything is at a walkin distance if you have enough time”

Steven Wright-
Welcome to Siebelingen, Pfalz, Germany for the culinary walk

A culinary walk

Kulinarische Weinbergswanderung Siebeldingen, Pfalz (De) 15-09-2019

A walk amongst the vineyards

It is almost becoming a tradition in our wine loving family: A wine walk amongst the vineyards. If you take a moment to google you will easily find such a great event in every wine-producing country. Something you will have to do once in your life if you ask me. Enjoying the scenery while walking amongst the grapes soon turning into nice wines. Surrounded by cheerful people enjoying the event. And of course, an easy way to get acquainted with the wines of one area.

The vinyards in Siebelingen, Pfalz, Germany. The perfect place to taste and enjoy wine.

The trail

This year I chose Siebeldingen in the Pfalz. Organizer www.sigibaldus-winzer.de had set out a picturesque route of about 7 km through the vineyards. There were 7 stations where you could enjoy culinary treats and you could taste the wines of a winemaker from this area. And they were not the least of wines. If I tell you that our first station was winemaker Rebholz from Siebeldingen, then you know that the quality of the wines was really good.

Culinary treats

There was also plenty to explore culinarily spoken. From goat cheese with truffle honey to Hokkaido foam soup and from Flammkuchen to game ragout. Sometimes a station has been set up at a winery, at another time stands have been set up in the middle of the vineyards. Everything has been done to ensure that there are enough seats at every station to enjoy the food and wines. There is also live music. The traveling music band travels from station to station with a tractor and trailer.

Point of interest

A nice stopover on the route is the Julius Kühn Institut, Geilweilerhof. Here, research is being done on wine grape varieties in order to make them more resistant to colder climates or to vermin. There is an interesting exhibition and the new vines varieties can be viewed both inside and outside. Another point of interest are the rows of vines of the world’s most known wine grape varieties. Especially when they bear fruit in September, you can see the differences between the wine grape varieties. Worth a visit when you are in the Pfalz in Germany.

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