Transporting wines during the holidays

“The heat is on”

Don’t do it like this

In an earlier blog I wrote about my experiences with wine in a tropical country. It is clear that heat plays a major role in the quality of wine.

How to transport wine

The summer-holiday period is starting again in Europe and many wine lovers are visiting a beautiful wine region as a holiday destination. Often these are countries with a lot of sun and warmth, because who doesn’t want good weather during his holidays. If you have tasted a delicious wine at a winemaker, you, of course, would like to take a box with you. The question is: How to transport wine?
Does that wine stay ok in your hot car? Don’t worry. Wine can take a beating. Many a wine transport to our hometowns are done by trucks that also have no air conditioning. The big difference with this transport and our holiday trip is that professional wine transport only lasts a maximum of 12/24 hours, depending on the origin and final destination. If we buy wine during the summer holidays, we usually still have some weeks left abroad. How do you treat the wine during that period?

Some good tips

 1. At the Mayer-Näkel winery, I was advised not to leave the wine boxes in the hot car. So take them out of the trunk if possible and put them in your hotel room or under the caravan, preferably in the shade. Not in the warm tent or caravan !!!!! When the sun is up, the temperatures rise too high.

2. Make sure you properly pack the trunk of the car. If you leave a lot of empty space, the temperature will rise much more in the back. So don’t put your coats on the back seat, but put them in the trunk.

3. If you have a plaid or blanket, I recommend that you put it as a cover over your wine.

4. Always park your car with the wine in it in the shade.

5. If you have seperate bottles, wrap them to protect against breaking with whatever you have. And when you are on holiday, you have enough to choose from: socks, sweaters, T-shirts… you name it. This also keeps the heat out.

With these tips, your wine will with great certainty survive the summer- holiday heat, so that you can once again enjoy your holiday at home with that wonderful wine in your hand.

Cheers and have a great holiday.

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