Organise your own tasting

-“Train your tastebuds with the help of others”-

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Questions while tasting

Do you ever ask yourself questions when you drink a glass of wine like: What flavors do I taste exactly?
I like this wine very much. Are there any wines that are more or less the same? Will a wine from another country but from the same grape taste differently?
Is a more expensive wine worth the money?

Advice: invite some friends

In order to find this out, I advise you to invite some friends who also like to try a glass of wine. Why? With only yourself in the room, you are not going to buy several bottles and open them at the same time. With some friends you’ve found a good way to taste several wines next to / after each other. You’ll also learn from tasting together. Wine experiences from others can put you on the right track.


I’ll give you some possibilities:
1. Buy 3 wines (from the same grape or from the same country) and share the costs.
2. Take your usual budget as a starting point.
Example: You normally buy a bottle of wine for about € 5. Suppose you are with 5 people. Your budget will be 5x € 5 = € 25. Now you can buy 2 or 3 more expensive wines. You will certainly taste something different and wines of a higher quality than you are used to.

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is IMG_20190112_150858-768x1024.jpg

Enjoy, but drink wisely.

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